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Ben Fargen, founder of Exclusive Amps (formerly Fargen Amps), came onto the boutique guitar amp scene around the turn of the millennium, and became well-known for his Blackbird amp (a Fender Deluxe-inspired amp that offers tighter low end and a subtle reverb for more tonal accuracy).He expanded his line to include the Olde 800, the John Lennon series of amps and various Marshall-inspired amps. Translucent Red paint dots on all Pots/components/solder. FHylight 4-input Partridges with black sticker, modified to take six 6550s, Bulgin style power socket has been replaced with modern IEC socket, one of the previous owners added a bias pot on the inside. F., mint condition, Partridge black sticker TG9302, H6038L, H6501L PT and TG5479, H6039L, H6502L OT, CA Hydro sticker, no voltage selector from factory, white output jacks, brown imp. ring, cap has 76-40 date code, toggles, turrets, paid 2500$ Canadian 3/2010Hylight 4-input, tested label 77, chrome switches, Partridge transformers, Four EGRO hifi power tubes, white plastic Speaker Out jacks on the back, One black and metal 'Slave Out' jack on the back, probably not original, Bottomside has a sprayed print 'Challenger' wich was a German group, i think. This amp has toured and is reflected in physical appearance. Many hours spent cleaning up chassis and previous hacks work to return wiring to Mil Spec standards. Will install an adjustable bias mod next week and try a few different brand output tubes. It has a custom 100 watt front end and an AL112 ATC speaker speaker. pot date code: 75/39, Partridge Transformers: TH7550/TH7551, TESTED sticker on chassis reads DATE 29/11/77 INITIALS DR - green letters, blue ink on white sticker, white speaker o/p jacks say A CLIFF PRODUCT ENGLAND, black i/p jacks say A CLIFF PRODUCT ENGLAND, Cap Can date code: 77-42Hylight 2-input I support this amp for a friend and it is nearly identical to my 1977 s/n 11778. Original caps were sticker dated in months of 1977.The 1990s saw the rebirth of small business (big aspiration) guitar amp builders—all to ensure that everyone from the touring artist, to the bedroom guitarist, to the wealthy lawyer have the best possible tone.We’ve hand-picked the following list of guitar amp builders for their tonal superiority, allowing you to discover a new amplifier for your rig.Do the math and check out that the AC30 has a common 50-ohm resistor biasing four EL84’s.Even the schematic states that the voltage measurement at the cathodes should be 10VDC at quiescent and 12.5VDC at full output.

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Lastly, by looking at a tube manual for the 6BQ5, we see that a Class AB amplifier needs a common 130-ohm resistor to achieve an output of 17 watts (4% THD), with the other circuit parameters taken into account, including a quiescent plate current of 72m A and maximum plate current of 92m A (both tubes).Their line of amps include the Italian Greyhound (jazz amp), Redbone, English, Plott, and Beagle (blues amps with varying features), Blodhound (high-gain rock amp) and Basset (steel guitar amp).This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. A sample question and answer session will be followed a more detailed explanation.By definition, any Class A amplifier draws’ maximum’ plate current at all times, and it should not deviate between idle (quiescent) and full output power.

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