Does say quran dating

Too often, the Qur’an is portrayed as a book that endorses violence and intolerance.

Verses are taken out of context in the actual text but also in terms of their historical context.

Touching, kissing, and similar actions are regarded to be haram therefore they are prohibited until two people are considered legally and religiously married.

Meeting, going out together and talking are of course allowed because two people need the opportunity to familiarize themselves with each other and "fall in love".

Dating in Islam is not prohibited as long as there are others around to supervise the behavior of the two people who are dating.

Dating definitely does not carry the same meaning for Muslims as it does for non-Muslims, especially Westerners.

peace justmeish, there is no verse in the qur'an that specifically forbids dating.

there are several verses that command the believers, men and women, to guard their modesty. another verse often quoted in this context is: (02) And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an indecency and an evil way.

Fornication and sexual acts(kissing, etc) are also a sin, and dating can lead to that.

the expression "come not near fornication" has been interpreted to include casual relationships between members of the opposite gender outside of marriage. however, islam balances this positive emotion with the need for maintaining stable families which are the pillars of a stable society.

thus islam allows the expression of love between members of the opposite sex through the institution of marriage.

It is important to remember that the Qur’an responded to events on the ground and any fair analysis of the verses, whether by non-Muslims or Muslims, must recognize this aspect of the text. Thus, verses like the two above need to read within those two contexts.

So, the first verse is part of a verse which in turn is part of a series of verses on the issue of self-defense.

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