Hanna beth dating andy six

So me and my best friend Larissa we were seeing some good bands, so I showed her the band Black Veil Brides, my favorite band, well, is rolling rumors that Andy Sixx only dated a Scout Taylor to have fame, Also, rumors that were rolling Hanna Beth is the true cause of Andy and Scout have finished your dating. Hanna Beth was the cause of Andy Sixx has ended his relationship with Scout?

The strangest thing is that Trace Cyrus, better known as Chris Hollywood by the band, with Hanna Beth dated before Andy Sixx. Trace left the band by Andy Sixx flirted with his ex-girlfriend? Why Hanna Beth and Andy Sixx decided to end their relationship? How knows why Andy and Hanna decided to break up their relationship?

-again/off again frenemies hanna beth & jeffree star are apparently off again, and jeffree star hurtled some pretty serious accusations at hanna via twitter, the first of which has since been deleted:if anyone in the la area needs cocaine, hit up @thehannabeth- she has/does it all =).

Continued on his twitter campaign against hanna beth mercoke, finally eliciting a response: Note that she didnt come back at jeffree with anything; they were friends for quite awhile, so she must have some good dirt on him.

on feb 14, 2011andy sixx and hanna bethmusic: backstreet boys --- as long as you love me.Andy Biersack ‘Andy Six’ was born “Andrew Dennis Biersack. This outstanding young man was brought into the world on December 26, 1990, making him 20 years of age.When Andy was young, he was the “outcast” as you could say among many.Trace and Hanna had a fight so that's why the break up their relationship...And Hanna likes Miley and Trace talked bad about his halfsister in the media...

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