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J MCLEAN, WHO IS ONE-FIFTH OF the Backstreet Boys teen-pop supergroup and the one with both the most tattoos and the most rakishly cut sideburns, is sitting inside his hotel room recalling a warning recently passed on to him by management. Inside it are the five boys – besides AJ, there's Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell and Nick Carter – plus their five bodyguards, three stylists, a hair groomer, a PR lady, a manager-type lady, a girlfriend (AJ's, named Amanda) and a few others. They don't go anywhere without their bodyguards. Once, at a mall back in Orlando, where the group got its start, AJ allowed a beautiful female fan to cozy up next to him for a photograph."What management said is, ' Watch out for this certain girl who is obsessed with you and will not be happy unless she pulls a and kills you, then kills herself,' and I'm like, ' Jesus, now I gotta go onstage after you tell me that? Suddenly, she started quaking, like she was having a grand mal seizure.Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys and his girlfriend arrive at the Los Angeles premiere of the new movie 'Any Given Sunday' December 16, 1999 in Westwood, Ca.

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Lil has not talked about his parents, their occupation, his early days and family history. Lil is noted for the singles “Head Bussa” and “No Problems.” Lil Scrappy’s first album, Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, touched the number four position on the Billboard 200 chart in 2006.Should it flop, word will spread that such groups are on the way out.Should it sell, then long live not only the boys but all the other teen acts currently trying to make it, as well as already successful acts like 98 Degrees and ' N Sync.When Kevin Richardson steps through the gate onto a stretch of pristine South African grassland, time appears to ripple.The disturbance causes a momentary abatement in the roar of the cicadas; the only sound is the crunch of dry grass under his boots.

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