Relative dating of rocks ppt

This is because almost all of the oil and gas found so far is contained within these rocks.These rocks are 60 to 600 million years old, approximately.Time factors of millions and billions of years is difficult even for adults to comprehend.However, "relative" dating or time can be an easy concept for students to learn.Clearly, Sedimentary Rocks A were deposited and deformed before the Volcanic Dyke intruded them.These were then eroded and Sedimentary Rocks B were deposited.From the mapped field relationships, it is a simple matter to work out a geological cross-section and the relative timing of the geologic events.

So, we rely on radiometric dating to calculate their ages.

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The Jurassic was the “age of the dinosaurs.” Here is a much more detailed time scale, courtesy of the GSA (Geological Society of America). The PG is not as interested in the age of rocks in years as she is in the relative sequence of their deposition, and the time period to which they belong.

That is because the PG knows that certain conditions existed on earth during each of the geologic time periods.

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