Sedating dogs at home

The aspirin dosage I'm using is 81mg every 12 hours. He wouldn't do more than prescribe antibiotics and a topical cortico steroid.The aspirin dosage I'm using is 81mg every 12 hours. Partial sedation means your dog will be calm but drowsy. Place the recommended dose of your natural pet sedative in your dog's food or on a special treat. Read the directions of your natural pet sedative and decide if you want to partially or completely sedate your dog.A slight miscalculation of dose could have big effects.Ask your vet if he is a candidate to take Acepromazine, a common tranquilizer for dogs. If the vet's office has quicked her before, it's no wonder she flips out when faced with nail trimming. I had a roommate when I was in college who had a Chi whose nails grew much faster than she wore them down, and she didn't like having her feet handled either.

Over the counter melatonin has been known to help with anxiety and I will direct you to a site on this.

Finally it just came down to wrapping her up in a towel and doing the job whether she screeched or not.

It helps to shine a bright flashlight behind the nail as you're positioning the clippers so you can see the quick even on a dark nail.

If your dog needs sedation to be groomed, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to examine the underlying cause - is the grooming facility or handling by the grooming staff causing anxiety? Does your dog have an underlying metabolic disturbance that is exacerbated by the stress of grooming?

If the problem appears to be a learned behavioral problem (associated fear/anxiety/aggression), a veterinary behaviorist or certified dog trainer may be able to help.

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