Updating gnome

Therefor you need to create the local .desktop file like above and then create two files: If you have the latest stable release you can upgrade the packages to the next gnome version minus a few that will be kept at the previous version for stability reasons.

Then, you just log out, set your shell to Gnome, and log back in.There are general installation instructions in Debian's wikipage Gnome.There are possible some complications of Gnome 3.14 in some applications (etc Matlab 2016a/b here), which is the reason, I need to test and run the newer Gnome.While below instructions generally should work, it can happen that successful compilation needs some hacks or is not possible at all.If you encounter any problems, check: (Tested on Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit and the development version of Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit.) The following will download, compile, and install GNOME Shell in a sandbox-like way - meaning, it won't touch the rest of your system! Instead you can add a new session item that you can select at the GDM login screen.

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