Wang zi and rainie yang dating

The most recent spate of wedding rumours came about when Rainie’s former boyfriend, Taiwanese pop star Wang Zi, posted to her on Facebook: “Everyone’s telling me you got married! ”But on Wednesday, Wang Zi clarified his Facebook post arose from a misunderstanding and was intended for a friend not in the entertainment and music industry.

Rainie has been dating Ronghao since November 2014, and it is known that Ronghao wishes to be married and settle down.

Last month, Li Rong Hao said he was currently single during an interview.

Mine is supposed to be a woman’s cut.” Meanwhile, Prince also admitted that he is now single at the 2014 HITO Radio Music Awards.However, after co-starring in Spider Lilies, Yang returned to her previous cute image by becoming the main actress in the drama Why Why Love, co-starring with Mike He and Kingone Wang, which aired during the summer of 2007.Rainie Yang, who will turn 30 on 4 June 2014, had an early birthday celebration with her fans a few days ago.On 8 January 2007, Yang recorded her last "Guess Guess Guess" show due to her busy schedule and focus upon her music/acting career.Hoping to portray herself as a "serious" actress, Yang co-starred in the lesbian-themed film Spider Lilies alongside Isabella Leong.

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