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And, of course, Tara’s quote: “be back before Dawn”, an obvious reference to the next season.When it first aired, this episode just seemed like brilliant nonsense.

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I show how I am penetrating myself in several positions: kneeling while facing the camera, doggy style, etc. Cheyenne Jewel puts struggling secretary Cupcake in tape bondage, telling her to be quiet before gagging her with tape and binding her legs with even more tape before unbuttoning her blouse and fondling her, running her hands down Cupcake's thigh high clad legs, and teasing her victim.Miss Sin Clair, the sexy secretary, is bound by rope by her ankles, wrist and other parts of her body!Detective Sin Clair is visiting the home of suspects Dixie Comet & Star Nine to follow up on her lead of reports about victims being , passing out and then waking up encased in nylon and fucked by two nylon encased females as well!Sin Clair knocks on the door, and Star and Dixie quickly confer to see what should be done with the snoop.

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